Polaris volume is very soft (?)

Double Helix
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Need suggestions regarding how to increase the overall volume of Polaris: I have increased the overall volume of the library in the upper right corner, increased the gain(s) in all sub-menus, even tried cranking the volumes of A & B wobble; however, I can barely hear Polaris.

My other Spitfire Audio instruments and 3rd party developers' soundsets are literally (and I do mean "literally") at least twice the volume. From what I am able to discern, the Polaris patches sound super, but my enjoyment is proportionally reduced because I struggle to hear them

David | Florida | US


  • What can help is to add a gain plugin to Polaris tracks in my daw. I use logic (Audio FX Plugins-Utilities). Every daw should have a tool like that. Adding or reducing gain can also help to balance tracks of different volume levels.

    I usually add a low latency limiter to my mix bus. This helps to raise gain globally but keeps everything in line.

    Hope that helps.

  • While I sincerely appreciate the response, Eberhard (I do), I'm thinking that users should not have to modify the library externally; that said, however, you have given me an idea for a workaround: I might be able to add Studio One's ProEQ and simply increase the gain on the Polaris channel that way