You can use the working Time Machine from Albion Legacy which is included with Albion One.

It is best to save all preset settings from the Source panel including Modulators and from the Modulation panel of TM Legacy, e.g. High Strings Time Machine, and import/map into Albion One Orchestra - Time Machine - Strings. REPEAT EVERYTHING EXACTLY! You can adjust the individual parameters according to your needs.


MOST IMPORTANT: This setting must be done for each: ARTICULATION that we see in e.g. Strings Time Machine, for each MICROPHONE and for all four ROUND ROBINs - unless someone only needs Round Robin 1.

save everything. Close the instrument and reopen it. IT WORKS VERY WELL.

I personally made it based on Time Machine from Albion V Tundra.

That's it.

Regards ;)


  • Please could you state the steps you took to make this work in detail? I am a bit lost with your description.

    Thank you! Regards