Best approach to using built-in reverb in string libraries

edited November 2022 in Tech Talk

I'm trying something a little different than normal when it comes to using reverbs. I want to try to use the built-in reverbs that are in some of the Spitfire libraries that uses Lyndhurst Hall like Albion One and Appassionata and add a single plugin reverb like Seventh Heaven in the mixing stage. If I use the reverb that's already in the sample library for IR, should that be set at 100% wet and apply Seventh Heaven via send on a reverb bus? Or should they both be set to taste without going 100%. Just wondering what method would be most practical when going this route.


  • maybe best to put the Seventh Heaven on a separate reverb bus (100% wet) and then send part of the plugin signal to that bus „to taste“ after you have added some build in reverb in the plugin. You might have to deactivate global in the plugin mixer and set reverb individual for each articulation as Shorts generally support less reverb than Longs and lows also tend to get muddy faster due to too much reverb than high register instruments.