'Blurry' featuring Spitfire Audio libraries

Jase Ess
edited November 2022 in Share Your Music

Greetings to all Spitfirians!

I'm Jase Ess, a music producer/singer/songwriter who creates across a range of genres including orchestral, EDM and alternative pop. I wanted to share an indie song of mine called 'Blurry' I wrote earlier this year that utilised some of the amazing libraries from Spitfire Audio.

The libraries used in 'Blurry' includes:

Olafur Grand Piano , Symphonic Motions, BBCSO Pro - Harp, Apassionata Strings and Fragile String Evolutions

You can listen to 'Blurry' below' or via all major music streaming platforms.

As always, live life lovingly.