Divisimate Presets for BBCSO Core


I've converted Divisimate's Orchestral Core, Orchestral Voicings and Inspiration Vol. 1 & 2 presets (based on VSL's Synchron Prime Edition) to Spitfire's BBCSO Core keyswitched instrument set. The companion Logic Pro template is based on Spitfire's free template. Read the project notes within Logic Pro to see additional tweaks I made to Spitfire's template. Download here.

Since BBCSO Core doesn't have an English Horn or Contrabassoon, I used the Kontakt Factory Library (VSL) versions of those instruments. I also used the "transpose trick" to duplicate additional horns and trumpets which hopefully should deal with phasing issues.

There are also Divisimate's Trigger plugin presets for BBCSO / VSL key switches as well.

Enjoy! 🙂