Assign MIDI CC

Hi, I really want to assign vibrato and other effects to my keyboard, but can't seem to make it work.

I have followed these instructions:

  1. Control + Click on the slider you wish to assign
  2. Remove any MIDI CC assigned to that slider
  3. Control + Click again
  4. Select "Learn MIDI CC"
  5. Move the slider/ fader / knob you wish to use on your MIDI Keyboard. This should now be assigned.

Nothing happens. I have also tried with Control Surfaces and "Learn Assignment for Vibrato". It does not work.

I am a complete noob on this, so I don't even know what stuff is called and what to search for. I have Logic Pro and M-Audio Oxygene Pro 61 midi keyboard (which is auto mapped with Logic).


  • Is the plugin's track selected when you're trying to do the Learn? And can you play notes through the plugin, and does the plugin's Dynamics slider move around when you move the keyboard's modwheel just before trying the assignment? If not (and assuming you haven't reassigned Dynamics already), then the problem will be upstream somewhere since the plugin won't be seeing MIDI messages from your keyboard.

    Do you know which CC the keyboard is configured to use with the fader you're trying? If not, you could configure it to send #21 and reset the plugin's mappings to default :-) But otherwise, you could make a brief recording and move the fader around, then check you can see those movements recorded on the track in automation view. (Pressing 'A' to switch to automation view, then select the desired fader's CC from the drop-down menu on the left of the track.) If not, but if you can still play notes and you can record e.g. modwheel movements, then I'd suspect the keyboard configuration.