Moving Key Switch and Note Range for BBC SO Discover? [Solved]

There is a Help article (copied below) about moving the range if you don't have a 88 key keyboard. Mine is 61. But does this work for BBC SO Discover? This is also a problem using the "low" instruments...Bass, Tuba, Bass Trombone, etc. With a 66 key unit, I can't play the lowest notes. THere is a "transpose" slider at the bottom, but this doesn't affect where I play on my keyboard.



How do I move the key switch range to a difference range on my keyboard?

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On the majority of our libraries the key switches are on the lowest octave to avoid overlapping with the playable range of the instrument (or instruments). Sometimes though this is not ideal, for example if you are using 25, 49, or 61 keys instead of 88 keys on your keyboard controller. 

Thankfully it is very simple to change the range of the key switches. Please see this video below showing the process of changing to the expert view and then dragging the keyboard icon in the bottom left of the window.


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    Hi @JeffB

    If you update to BBC SO plugin version 1.2.1, now available in your Spitfire Audio Application, the Transpose feature should now work.

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