A jazz library by Spitfire Audio?

I've been in a quest to find a good Jazz library that could be used anywhere from a Big Band Score to a lounge jazz type of score, from really quiet and cozy to explosive and playful but it seems it doesn't exist... I mean I could find some good libraries for that but the sampling is just not that good and the UI... Let's say that you'd willing to take hours to get it right. The best sounding library I could find is broadway big band (the only "real sounding" one) and it's only 2000 dollars, what a bargain! For no versatility in terms of mic sound, a really messy UI that takes so long to get anything out of it and on top of that you can't really compose lounge jazz, it's only for big band scores.

So here is my question, if Spitfire Audio is for scoring movies how do I score a jazzy movie? They have so many good libraries, a really easy to use UI and they are usually up to any challenge (at least that's what the marketing team makes me think). Using their plugins I feel like I can score almost any other kind of music and the little I can't score I can work arround it but jazz... Jazz? What about jazz? Wouldn't it be so nice to wake up one day and be like : "New Spitfire Audio plugin : The Ultimate Jazz library"? So what do you think guys?


  • I support this proposal from HarryPoteBeur. And you're right that they want to use other than orchestral instruments "you can get around this" by finding some plug-ins from other manufacturers or live performers. But after all, the music for the film is not only orchestra, synthesizers and mixed options. It is also, for example, solo upright bass, saxophone, trumpet with a silencer, charmonics, accordion. But why should I do this? After all, there is Spitfire Audio. Please expand your offer! You can do it wonderfully! :-)