Brass Quartet in Ableton - how to change articulations

Hi folks,

I'm enjoying the Spitfire Brass Quartet in Ableton Live but I can't work out how to change between the short and long notes. I can see that you can automate the Technique parameter, but this doesn't permit changes between the long and short articulations. Most sample packs have a keyswitch or other means of changing articulations but I can't see anything here. I could set up two tracks, one for long and one for short notes, but that hardly makes for rapid changes between them.

Any suggestions most welcome!


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    While you get an answer from the experts on the Spitfireaudio instruments (I just started my browsing around trying to see what I buy and from whom) I think perhaps you could try assigning each variation to different tracks, as you said, but having each track working on a different MIDI channel.

    Then use your controller to suddenly change channels as appropriate to sound the required variation via a pedal, a switch, a button...

    Another way I am thinking about is assigning each variation to different tracks and key ranges, transposing any so as to reach the area the instrument actually plays, then using the variation required by playing the keys previously assigned.

    Or using two keyboards, as pipe organs have, and use the one triggering the variation.

    Or three keyboards...they look majestic.