Detail in the Abbey Road Orchestra

I’ve read in the announcements that this is the most detailed library yet from Spitfire. I’d like to hear about how that will show itself. Will it be in the number of velocity layers, or the number of articulations, or more microphone perspectives?

I’m hoping that the official response isn’t “we can’t say, wait and see” - because if they say that it’s the most detailed but don’t say how they arrive at that, well - that’s kind of problematic.

And we know that more layers means it’s that much more difficult to attain consistency when doing dynamic moves, so I’m interested in how that is dealt with, and how they deal with crossfades in solo instruments that have recorded vibrato.

Also I’m wondering if there will be an option for full-range close mics or if they are strictly spot mics in functionality (usually a bit limited in frequency response due to the mics usually used for that purpose) and we are to rely on the Abbey-Roadness for all of the room and placement.

Also wondering if there is going to be a “professional” or “ultra” version of this product released down the line or if this is actually it.