Introducing the most detailed sample library we have ever created, and the first in a new flagship series created in partnership with Abbey Road Studios. Crafted for professional composers, producers and sound designers, Abbey Road Orchestra will bring you every section of the orchestra in breathtaking detail. Low Percussion offers you a whole new level of expression, thanks to over 20 years of sampling experience and innovation. 

Performed by internationally-renowned percussionist Joby Burgess (Black Panther, Mission: Impossible), and engineered by Grammy-winning engineer Simon Rhodes (Skyfall, Avatar), it’s like having your very own world-class percussionist. 

Explore it now: https://bit.ly/3UKFXp7


  • its great but will there be strings coming as well or is that just abbey road two

  • Is Abbey Road Orchestral Foundations complete now, or will there still be updates?

  • We need to know the road map as not buying into this if its going to cost 8k to complete. Please let us know what's planned. Thanks

  • I would also like to know the answer to this too. Thanks

  • I love the sound, clarity, and performance options of the drums, but I also agree a roadmap would help me decide whether to buy into this orchestra or not if it is truly the new flagship considering just the low perc is 100GB alone. Is the entire orchestra going to be in the 1-2TB range?

  • Max Køngerskov
    edited November 11

    Happy to see I’m not the only one slightly confused about the roadmap for ABR1. I thought we were getting legato patches for the high&low strings in ABR1 next, then comes an unexpected library and with a different name-ending, what do we make of this? It’s not clear as a consumer if this is an addition to the original ABR1 or if you guys (devs) are making a completely new (Orchestra) library. It’s not great for consumers not knowing where the end of the product is, when is ABR1 finished and what will it cost? I won’t buy more sections until there’s a clear answer. I completely agree with @SteveShaw

  • I agree to that. I also own a lot of Spitfire stuff and all Abbey Roads, but now I got fully confused. While they other Abbey Roads are not finished at all, they start again a new one??? Feels like taking the most money from everybody leaving loyal customers somewhat in the dark of their strategy. But anyway, if Spitfire just want to make more money that's a good way - getting loyal customers is a different one.

  • KristoferAlanParker
    edited November 12

    Well, I’ll just add to the chorus here. I’ve also spent a ridiculous amount of money (over 10k) with Spitfire. With good reason though. Spitfire products seem to have that extra something that gets those creative justices flowing. I also purchased the full AROP and AR2. It’s extremely frustrating because I’m always supplementing the library with BBCOP and Waves Abbey Road Plugins. While this works most of the time - it’s a real drag on workflow, my PC, and my temperament.

    Spitfire owes its long time customers a roadmap for all of the Abbey Road Products. I just can’t use this library until it’s completed. This peeved me off a year ago when AR2 came out and I’ve gone full in with Orchestral Tools. While they do not release things as frequently, the player is superior and the company’s products are complete when they are released. They are even porting all of their legacy kontakt releases over to the new player and giving it away to customers that already owned the kontakt version.

    That’s a company I’ll stand by. You folks need some new leadership and sack the marketing team.

  • Yeah, I’m not buying into this orchestra without a roadmap. Not knowing what will be released or when and how much it will cost is a no go for me. Paul mentioned it is a long term release, but what is “long term”. Like how long will one have to wait for the full orchestra? I bought AROOF and all the selections and this one is a mystery to me. I have no understanding of what their plan is for these orchestras but this is frustrating. I’m sure the libraries will be great, but without knowing more, I’m out.

  • Please Spitfire Audio provide us with more details what will be the next steps ? Thank you

  • Same feeling here… ARO was supposed to be Spitfire’s largest project to date. My understanding was that the pairing would eventually be accompanied by individual instruments. Now this new branding… They’re in the same room, but are the sections the same? Placement? Mics? There’s zero info about how this fits into the ARO world. ARO is still unusable as a whole. Not super happy…

  • I'm a great fan of Spitfire and Spitfire libraries but I do feel that a bit more clarity is needed here. I'm sure there is a concept and roadmap behind this. It wouldn't make business sense if it didn't have one. I think a bit more sharing on approximate timescales etc would be helpful and would promote sales of what I'm sure will be a great product line.

  • I'll add my voice to this ensemble too. Wholeheartedly agree with all the comments here.

    I'm a big Spitfire fan, spent a lot of money on some wonderful libraries but beginning to think you've adopted a less than fair attitude to your product marketing and strategy.

    I've bought into the AROOF collection but, like so many others, have fully expected to see a High Strings Legato module to, kind of, complete the set. No word on whether such a module is forthcoming at some point but now we have the first instalment of ARO. Immediately know that this library, as a hobbyist, will not be for me but, echoing Steve Shaw's views above, I think you owe it to your customer base to be far more transparent about this product's roadmap and eventual cost. What is the point of buying into a system now that could take years to finally complete and cost several thousands?