Clicking in BBCSO Horns a4 Longs Muted

I'm noticing there is a clicking that sounds like a computer mouse whenever I play and release notes F3 and G3 in this particular patch... has anyone noticed similar sounds trapped in the release and/or delay of certain samples?


  • I don't when release is at 50% (the default), but there's click in the releases that becomes more noticeable as you raise release from there. Up at 100% I think it's clearly audible for most (all?) notes.

    I've had similar in the attack or release of other instruments. I tend to notice it most in the string shorts, especially if ostinati are involved. Usually there's a work-around, such as fiddling with release (as here), or tightness, the dynamics/velocity, or occasionally round-robins (though you can only reduce the count, so eliminating the first RR isn't an option as far as I know.) In a couple of extreme cases I've transposed a different note.

  • Thanks for the insight!

  • I'm in the same problem, it's happening with the trombones also. It's a little bit annoying, because in the track I'm writing it sounds really loud. But, it's a problem from the library, or it happens with other samples as well? I'm asking because BBC is my first and only library until this moment.

  • @Rodrigo_Romagna Is that the Trombones a3 Longs Muted? I tried that, as well as the normal Longs, but couldn't hear any odd release noises on that articulation.

    I think sampled instruments inevitably contain at least some inconsistency, with a trade-off between consistency and realism. Also, what some people may call "realism" or "character" may be a "problem" to others or in certain contexts (like repetition in an ostinato). Usually I find I can get around problematic noises by adjusting tightness, release or round-robins, velocity/dynamics, etc.