Recommend me new monitoring headphones

In the game for some new studio headphone.

I've used BeyerDynamic DT150s for the last decade (went closed cup initially out of ignorance, grew to like the sound and learnt how to mix using them). I feel like I want to step up now though.

What do you use in the studio for headphone monitoring?


  • I use Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro, best decision ever.

  • Beyer 880 pro !

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    Never used headphones as it doubled the hard work...

    But after trying this IEM, astounding sound, unbeatable value, I love playing with them.

    It will probably match a 15000 € monitoring system.

    The reviewer said...

    * Conclusions

    What on earth are you doing reading the rest of this review? Go and buy one of these! I don't care if you don't listen to IEMs normally. You want this IEM so you know what correct tonality is, when you listen with other transducers such as headphones and speakers. Think of it as the tuning fork that a musician uses! This IEM needs to be in your arsenal. "