NKS light guides fro BBCSO and other Spitfire NKS ready libraries not working with new KK version

Has anyone also noticed that after the recent update of Komplete Kontrol giving M1 compatibility all libraries turn up in the KK browser but the light guides for the instruments do no work? All lights are blue on my KK S61 MK2. This is for BBCSO but also for ARO.

I noticed that although the browser in KK shows the Spitfire library with the different instruments correctly, the keyboard actually has the active key range of the last Midi template used on the KK. Example I play a flute on my keyboard using a none NKS library for wich I have an own light guide template with the flute key range programmed in KK. Then I switch to BBSCO using the browser and load the cellos which is supposed to change the active key range and show the corresponding light guide. However all lights switch to blue but only the few keys in the key range where the flute and cello overlap are active. To make it work again I have to go back to the midi mode on the KK and change the template to full range active or my cello light guide template.

Do the Spitfire NKS related contents need and update or is this a KK bug?


  • I also checked all Kontakt based SA libraries. They all work correctly - with light guide . Even the older ones like Solo Strings and the Alternative version.

    HZ String M1 Beta is even worse than ARO . No light guide but also ni too sound if you load it in KK. You have to switch to midi and back to plugin to get sound.

  • ThatAdamGuy
    edited November 2022

    Oof, yes, I just noticed this tonight.

    Plus a few other bits of "fun" :-(

    • Symphonic Motions: The plugin loads, but I don't get any sound unless I load it from the dropdown menu.
    • Intimate Grand Piano: Plugin won't load at all normally, but will if I use the dropdown menu.
    • And, as you noted, 100% of Spitfire Audio libraries that use their player are borked NKS-wise :(

    What's puzzling to me is that this seems to be only a Spitfire problem so far. Even various indie companies -- even tiny ones... nothing broke NKS'ly with their plugins from what I can see so far.

    Hope Spitfire can fix this quickly! :)

    By the way, @Mario, did you file a ticket for this?

  • I did not open a ticket yet. Somehow hoped that some of the SA guys would pick this up.

  • I now opened a ticket on the issue which is not solved but no response since beginning of the week