Spitfire Solo Strings

I'm trying to program a realistic violin solo. The samples sound good, but for some reason when I play it, it triggers more than one sample so it sounds like two instruments are playing instead of one. Is there a way that I can have it not trigger certain samples?


  • Do you maybe use a multi-output version of Kontakt and have 2 or more violin nki instruments loaded? If your Midi-channels in Kontakt for those instruments are set to Omni, all sound at the same time if you play your keyboard.

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    I'm noticing the solo violin is left heavy and the cello is right heavy and both have a doubling effect. Is there anyway to make them sound more centered and solo sounding? Thanks!

  • How do I re-download my Spitfire Solo Strings?

  • hi, does anybody knows if there is a "strings solo template" anywhere to create a small strings concert. I found templates for BBC Symphony Orchestra but nothing else.


  • IS there a full list of Articulations and Key switches for this please? In order, including any 'null' spaces? There are a huge number of VI patches. However - the ones with just one articulation won't need this and I suspect many of them will be so similar that a 'save as' will speed up this process.