Opening more than one instance of Originals in Logic

Hi Team! I absolutely love all of the Originals Libraries I've purchased. I've ran into an issue and hope there's a simple fix. Whenever I run two instances of the same Originals library, I can't get the second instance to function. It seems to load properly and looks fine, but I can't play any of the instruments. I can play instruments from the first instance, but not the second. I can run different Originals libraries with no issues, but not two instances of the same library. I'm running a 2020 Mac mini with an M1 chip, 8 gigs of RAM and Logic Pro. Is there a simple setting I can tweak that might fix this?


  • Hi @Niklaus - I often find myself in the same boat. Have you tried "refreshing" the second plugin instance? (If you don't know it, the "refresh" button is a circular arrow icon, immediately to the right of the CPU/Disk/Mem/Voices monitors in at the top-left of the plugin window.) I often have the same silent failure when loading or enabling instances of Spitfire's player (BBCSO Pro and Originals) on Logic Pro/M1, though it's more like 30-50% of the time.

    If that doesn't help, a few things I try to diagnose this kind of thing: if you open the silent plugin instance's window, and click the lit piano keys at the bottom, does it now make sound? If yes, then I'd look for upstream MIDI problems, or maybe transposition outside the plugin's range. If not, still while playing notes, do you see the audio bars light up (beside "Volume", top-right)? If you do see them, then the plugin thinks it's making noises so I'd check for a downstream audio routing problem like soloed/muted tracks/channels, plugins, etc. If no audio bars, do you see the "Voices" count (top-left) changing to something non-zero? If you do, then the plugin thinks it's playing samples, so I'd double-check that the Expression control and the plugin's volume control aren't turned right down.

    Hope some of that helps!

  • Refreshing the 2nd plugin did the trick! I had a feeling it would be something simple. I really appreciate the helpful response, @aldous!