deleting automation


I am wondering how best (or if at all) to delete automation on a specific track. I am using a Mac with Logic. I read that I should go to "mix" and then, in the pulldown menu, select 'delete all automation on selected track'. Sounded simple enough except it did not work. I would very much appreciate any suggestions! Many thanks in advance



  • Hi - in Logic there are different kinds of automation: track automation, region automation, and "MIDI automation" or controller data. "Delete all automation on selected track" only deletes the first kind, which I definitely found pretty unclear the first time round :-)

    To delete non-MIDI region automation, I usually use "Mix"/"Convert"/"Convert all region automation to track automation" from the menu. After that, the "Delete all track automation..." command should get it. That won't work for MIDI controller changes, as they can only exist in a region.

    For more complicated stuff, including deleting all automation and/or MIDI controller data, I would use the Event List, default key command is "D", or "View", "Show List Editors", select "Event" in the menu. For example, having opened the list, you can select the regions you want to target and then Option+click "Controller" above the list to show only the controller events. Then you can select the events you want to remove, (Cmd+A for all of them), and delete. The Event List is powerful, but with great power often comes a great... need to the consult the Logic Pro manual: e.g. I think what I've written works with the defaults, but if you have changed the link settings, say, then the events in the list may not be what you intend.

    Hope some of that's useful...