"PUMPKIN WORLD" Halloween Music BBCSO | D.Dzieciolowski

I wrote this short music for Halloween day. Light and a little bit funny piece for Halloween mood and not only.

I used BBCSO.

Enjoy. ๐Ÿ˜€


  • Awww, I really skipped making a musical Halloween tribute this year, while I did some paintings.

    Sweet with some absolutely beautiful phrases and runs, hiding in the background and a nice and lush legato section. The reverb intensity makes a bit less spooky, actually and it has overall a bit of a "doodle" character, probably asking for a little more intention at some peak/climax of sorts. The spiccato sort of gets disoriented at some point, like it didn't quite know what to do other than possibly drop out, but then sort of went "hey, ehm, should I...? Ah heck.".

    But overall it is definitely lovely with "hidden" gems that spike the little ditty with a sense of sophistication.

    I'm assuming this was PRO, though, wasn't it? (sigh)

  • Also I think is too much reverb, this is still concept/prototype version of this piece, so later I fix this and make so adorable with more power and I'll add more details.

    And yes it's Pro version of BBC.

    Thanks for comment, and your opinion.

    I appreciate.