Keyswitches in Logic with BBC Pro not working?

Hey, I was wondering if anybody uses the BBC Pro library in Logic Pro X and if they could help me with something? I have been messing with keyswitches for about an hour now trying to figure out why they aren’t doing anything, and I’m honestly so stuck. I’ve reprogrammed them multiple times, tried recording the notes in the lower registers to see if they would trigger the new sounds, even creating a whole articulation set through Logic itself, but none of that seemed to work. Does anybody know why my keyswitches don’t change the articulations and don’t do anything at all?

Best Answer

  • If you're mapping the keyswitch notes based on what's shown in the BBCSO UI, check whether your Logic Pro settings have middle C mapped as C4 (Roland) or C3 (Yamaha). Spitfire Audio/BBCSO uses C4 (Roland). You don't need to change your Logic Pro settings if it's set to what you prefer, but if that's C3 (Yamaha), you'd need to adjust your keyswitch notes by an octave.

    macOS 13.2, Logic Pro 10.7.7, BBCSO Core


  • Got it, thanks a bunch! The octave displacement was the problem, and everything works now. I appreciate the help :)