I Was ~Totally~ Blown Away by This Library!

This is a sample from my latest composition (it's currently incomplete, but I used an excerpt close to the ending for this demo). I recently got the MuseScore 4 Beta with the new Muse Sounds library and to say I was blown away by what I heard is a major understatement! This audio sample is straight from the score composer export. Having these samples directly play on the fly while I compose is going to save an enormous amount of time. The samples are still being tweaked since it's a beta release, but it's got a fantastic start already.

I know StaffPad (owned by the company that makes MuseScore) currently has Spitfire libraries; I'm hoping @Spitfire Audio will jump to create libraries for MuseScore 4 as they did for StaffPad soon to make this even better! 😄