BBCSO CORE Ram Multiplying across all tracks

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Not sure if this is normal or not. So I load up a new instance of BBBCSO Core on a new instrument track ( Pro Tools ) and the Mem being used is 240MB of Ram. Open up the next instance of BBCSO Core on a separate Instrument track and that instance is using 424MB of Ram. The thing is the previous track has now changed as well to show exactly the same amount 424MB. So every time I add a new instance of BBCSO Core it increases the RAM across all instances on all separate tracks. Feels like should not be happening, any help would be appreciated,



  • Krisp
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    it is linked to the fact that each instance embeds all the articulations in the ram. I use Reaper, but think it is not a question of DAW.

    I created templates for large orchestrations where each instance only includes one or two articulations. It's much lighter (and the initial loading time is reduced).

    It's a bit tedious at first to create because this type of template will still vary according to our own habits.

    In any case, it is possible to remove articulation from the interface by clicking on a pictogram (I don't remember which one). It is not final and we can reload an articulation if necessary.

  • Hmmm, this might require a definitive answer from Spitfire Audio, but my guess is the amount of memory used varies by the number of samples of the specific sounds being loaded - which makes sense. One track will use "X" amount of memory, adding a second track will use "X+Y" amount of memory, etc.

    In my case using Logic Pro, the amount of memory being used is always displayed as the same amount on each track that uses BBCSO Core, regardless of how many tracks that ends up being, so it seems that's just the total used by BBCSO Core, not a per track value. With a LOT of tracks set up, I've seen that over 8GB, and my system only has 16GB, so... that would quickly get out of hand if it was then 8GB per track. o_O I only see a different amount if I also load a separate one like Epic Choir, and in that case the Epic Choir tracks will each show the same amount, but different from BBCSO Core. Not sure if there's a way to tell how much each instrument/sample/track is going to use. Hope that helps.

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    This is a total that you see on each instance. (total ram for BBCSO for example 3go) and if you load another library (for example Appassionata 1go) then You can check that in total you will have 4 GB of ram used by your system (it is an exemple).

    Yes, certainly, it happened to me to have 12 or 15 go used by the libraries on large sessions.

    Reaper is quite light and very stable. I only have at most and on my less powerful computer only a few occasional cracking problems.

    You can easily check for yourself by deleting articulations for each instance that it will significantly reduce the ram load!

    Besides, it seems to me that it is explained in the video tutorials put online by Spitfire.

  • Krisp
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    I just took some screenshots to illustrate my examples:

    First captures, with all articulations for each instance.

    In the second capture, I deleted for my library the unnecessary articulations.

    The difference in ram usage is significant.

    And there, the analyser of reaper for global ram use :

    before :

    after deleted articulations

    to proceed, it is this icon (on the right with a pencil) :

    I hope it is useful..

  • Hmmm... interesting. Out of curiosity, I tried that, and it did reduce memory utilization.

    Also out of curiosity, I then tried to add a deleted one back in... and it was added with no trigger setting (not even the prior default). When I set it to Trigger -> Keyswitch, it set the Keyswitch value to C-1, which was already in use by one of the original default techniques that I hadn't deleted. It seems that if these are intended to be editable in this manner, adding one back should either use the original/previous default value, or if that is already in use or has otherwise been remapped to something else, it should assign the next available value.

    macOS 13.2, Logic Pro 10.7.7, BBCSO Core

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    You're welcome !

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    Thanks for the responses. Yeah Krisp I have already removed articulation sets to reduce RAM usage and your right it's a tedious task but well worth it . I think you are right Baby_Model_Berg about the X+Y accumualtion. I noticed the same thing that if I add a different library say , EPIC Choir it also accumulates with each instance of epic choir but is also different than BBCSO. So it must mean that that the RAM usage showing at the top of the plug in is an accumulation of all the instances you have in a session. Tried to confirm this with the BBCSO manual but could not find anything. Thanks again guys