Privileged unzipping failed

I have a ticket open with Spitfire now but I wanted to check in here, has anyone ever received this error message in their lm.log that basically says:

2021-04-22 17:58:49.757459 [15385071] [I] map 16196565: privileged unzipping failed.

The files are downloading but they don't seem to be unzipping. I bought some new spitfire libraries recently and have never had any issue installing but for some reason I am getting this message. If anyone has any info could help with this could you let me know, I wanted to play with my new sounds tonight! lol



  • Same issue here. BT Phobos never finishes the install. After several automatic retries, it just gives up without warning. The log file shows these two lines last:

    ... Unzipping - 70544918.lm to /Volumes/Spitfire II/Spitfire BT Phobos library/Presets
    ... map 1011980: privileged unzipping failed

    Further attempts to manually install cause the Spitfire Audio App to crash. There are hundreds of GB free on this drive.

    • Del Engen, on behalf of Leanna Primiani
  • guys, try to add full disk access permission. check:

  • I finally fixed this by deleting /Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins

    Hope this solves it for you guys