How do I play two articulations at the same time?


  • Hi. I made a new preset for the untuned percussion, and assigned a different MIDI channel for each "articulation" (i.e. each instrument, since untuned percussion is organized as if each instrument were a different articulation of the same instrument). If I play two "articulations" simultaneously, I expect both to be played. However, that doesn't happen. I send notes with the snare and with the bass drum, and when one makes a sound, the other doesn't, and vice versa, as if I were actually key switching them. I know it's not possible yet to select two articulations simultaneously with key switching, but I read in another thread that by using MIDI channels it is possible. However, that's not working for me. Am I missing something, perhaps?

  • Hmmm, I haven't tried that approach myself; I usually don't pay attention to MIDI channel with Logic Pro, other than to try to keep everything in the same track on the same MIDI channel. For Untuned Percussion, I've just been assigning each instrument to its own track, and placing all Untuned Percussion tracks in a "stack" for mixing purposes. Hope that helps.

    macOS 13.2, Logic Pro 10.7.7, BBCSO Core

  • But have you configured key switches like this? And does it work for you because each track is assigned to a different channel?

  • No, I haven't; and to be honest, I don't understand how that's supposed to work/what it's purpose is - and since I haven't needed it myself, I haven't looked into it. In my Logic Pro setup, with each Untuned Percussion instrument on its own track, MIDI channel doesn't matter to me (unless I were to restrict each track by MIDI channel, which I don't, because it isn't necessary for how I'm using Logic Pro). Most of my projects typically use the same channel on every track if I'm only using my main MIDI keyboard controller to work on it (which ends up being most projects anyway). I just drop in the appropriate notes for whichever instrument articulation/technique I want where I want it.

    If I had to take a "wild, swinging guess", it would be that, in order to make that work, each instrument would need to be assigned to a separate MIDI channel, and then BOTH instruments would need to be selected in the GUI at the same time so that BBCSO was "listening" for both on the same track, and then by sending note data on the appropriate channel, it would respond with the appropriate instrument/technique. Not sure I'm making sense, but using MIDI channels this way seems like a lot more effort than I'm willing to put into a project. Having separate tracks for each Untuned Percussion instrument is just easier for me to deal with.

    For the record, I'm also not using any external hardware instruments that would require me to use any particular MIDI channel(s). Except for keyboards and my MIDI bass pedals, I got rid of the rest of my external gear years ago.

    macOS 13.2, Logic Pro 10.7.7, BBCSO Core

  • The purpose of doing this is to not waste memory by having several instances of the plugin when one will suffice. Also, I thought I would save the time and the trouble of creating one preset for each percussion instrument (i.e. snare, bass drum, etc) by purging all of the others. I'm not able to select two articulations at the same time by shift clicking either.

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    I also have separate tracks for each instrument... I just want to use the same plugin instance for both by having each track play a different channel. (I use Renoise, not Logic)

  • Ah, interesting; I haven't run into any system performance/resource issues with my setup (yet?), so hadn't considered that. Hopefully someone else has found a way to do what you're trying to accomplish. Good luck!

    macOS 13.2, Logic Pro 10.7.7, BBCSO Core

  • I'd say wanting to do this isn't unusual. If one uses Kontakt, isn't it usual to load several presets, each of them with its own MIDI channel? This is similar, but using "articulations" instead of presets. Also, I think it's supposed to work.

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