Cello Moods Articulation/Swell Speed

I'm just trying out Cello Moods and liking what I'm hearing, but I'm having trouble getting it to play expressively from note to note. I heard it drop naturally from one note to a lower one but it's since stopped doing that. Do notes have to last x seconds in order to hit a cycle or something? And is there a way to modify how quickly a note swells? It sounds like the sample they created has some shorter swells than I can get on my own. I have some shorter notes that need a faster swell in order to move along, but it's just dropping down to minimum and taking a while, so it sounds like it just stops playing between notes.

My project is in 6/8 at DAW 74bpm (if you know, you know), and I'm trying to do some duplets at one point when it's giving me the silent treatment. I don't think it's all that fast. Am I trying to push it too fast?


  • Donkey_Oaty
    edited January 23

    You can use whatever standard automations your DAW supports - such as modulation, expression and dynamics. These can be assigned to a MIDI controller. You have within the large rotary wheel on this particular Labs patch (they vary) controls for reverb, decay, attack and release. You also have the option to change the reverb type in the top bar menu.

    That's an amazing amount of creatve control for a free product. Particularly one that's so well played and recorded. Outside that you can twiddle with the standard vanilla UACC controls - and see if the individual ones respond. You can also try any musical variations your DAW offers. Some might work, some might not.

    But you're pushing the envelope of expectation here. Labs is free - so it's not going to compete on quality or flexibility with full Spitfire products, though sometimes it will enable you to get close. If you want a full cello sound and all the flexibilities, Spitfire Audio offer loads - on the main page under the heading 'Shop'.

    To control swell, most people would use the three controls I mentioned in my first paragraph. Speed can be controlled, to a degree, by varying the bpm your DAW plays at. For that you will needa tempo switched instrument. They're available. The instruments in the Spitfire Audio shop usually have an extensive list of patches and articulations. It's well worth a visit and a look, particularly at sale times.