Setting Up My Fade Midi Controller with BBSCO Pro

I just picked up BBBSCo Pro on the latest sale (my first full orchestral library) and I’m trying to control Expression and Dynamics with my midi fader. A few other points…My DAW is studio one 6, I use the Native Instruments S61, and the fader is audio imperia’s FVDE.

I managed to figure out how to control the two sliders with cc11 and cc1…my problem is every time I add a new instrument track I have to setup the midi again. And when I move the sliders it adjusts the other tracks.

How do I get it to be global and only control for the track/instrument i am on within the Spitfire plug-in.

Thanks in advance!


  • Steve Shaw
    edited October 2022

    Hi @Jgrant0173

    You need to set two of the faders on the FVDE to permanently control CC11 and CC1. I presume that you can do this with Audio Imperia's desktop app?

    Once set, you will not need to do anything else as CC11 and CC1 are common controls in all Spitfire libraries. The faders will only adjust modulation and expression on the current active track of your project.

    You may want to set another fader to CC21 to control vibrato too😉

    Hope that is of some help



  • I got it to work - thank you. :)

  • Hi @Jgrant0173

    Great! Now enjoy BBCSO Pro!