Will Phobos be ever updated? The GUI is programmed by a total rookie.

Hi Spitfire,

I've seen some discussions about Phobos here already, but now that I own it, I must say eventhough I love the sounds and overall idea, the GUI is absolutely terrible. I have no problem with how it looks or the layout or fonts or whatever. I'm quite flexible in that regard. I have a different problem:

One of the very first thing a plugin developer learns is that GUI can be destroyed and re-initialized at will from the DAW side. Unfortunatelly Ableton does this upon every close of the plugin GUI window. When the GUI class of Phobos gets re-initialized, it re-scans all the presets (I can see in "procmon" utility how Phobos lists through the preset files at that moment - see the pic). That means if I close the GUI window in Ableton and open it later, this opening always takes close to 6-7 seconds. Come on. Preset inicialization like that has to be done upon plugin load, not upon GUI load. That's a beginner mistake. Who wrote that plugin?

Is there any chance of there being an update in the future that would fix this issue?

Kind regards,