Fractured Strings Demo

Here's a swift demo I've composed using several libraries both from Spitfire Audio and numerous other ones. The detailed list is on Soundcloud, as to not clutter up this post too much.

As you can hear, I went for a recognizable theme that’s beautifully played on first celli and then the entire strings and brass. The theme sort of let’s go when the entire orchestra (and synths) play together at the climax, giving you the listener some surprise at the end. I think I should extend the piece, but for now I’m very pleased with the result. It has both the grandeur and softness that I recognize in a lot of Hans Zimmer’s epic work. However, I still have a long way to go, to get to that level. 

I can’t state it often enough, but having access to the sounds of London’s finest players, recorded at one of the best studios in the world, by the sharpest minds in the music industry is something, that would have been unheard of say 20 years ago. And it also allows me to get closer to writing the music that I love from the comfort of my home. So I give my deepest gratitude to Adam Lukas, James Everingham, Paul Thomson, Hans Zimmer and everyone involved at Spitfire Audio to produce this library at this high standard. 


  • Thanks for sharing this Chrisna. I really enjoyed it. Gentleness & grandeur working very well together. I entire endorse your comments in the last paragraph!

  • Very beautiful! It is a scary large list of libraries, though, but the result is stunning. The solo instruments hard right are a little detached, I find, when listening to this on headphones. But I truly love the solo cello. Just gorgeous and the "realism" or liveliness of those frozen strings really takes it to another level.

    Wonderful air, too!

    Thanks for sharing! 👍️👍️👍️

  • Yes unfortunately it's quite the long list. However for most libraries, I barely used more than one patch. For instance, I just used one patch from both Solo Strings and Abbey Road Two. It's just a shame that it takes that any different libraries to get a satisfying and, in my opinion, authentic sound. But on the other hand, I'm glad that this level of realism is even attainable.

    And also, you're right. The solo cello is far too wide in the stereo field. I'll keep that in mind for the next composition.

  • Hello.

    here is a use of Fractured Strings.

    Hope you like.