Fractured Strings - Tempo Sync

Hi - does anyone know if you can tempo sync in Fractured Strings? For example Statements Up (or Down) play at the same speed regardless of tempo speed. I'm using Logic. Seems like a major oversight from this incredible team. Rotations patch appears to sync but not the others...Any advice or have I missed it completely? (Using Logic ProX on Apple Studio)


  • Does the library tempo sync to my DAW?

    The following articulations will sync to your DAW's tempo: 

    • Violins Rotations
    • Violins 7th Reaches
    • Celli Rotations
    • Solo Violin Arps
    • Solo Cello Arps

    Dispersals are loose and aleatoric, so aren’t suited to tempo syncing. Statements function more naturally when not tempo synced

  • Thanks Keith. Such a shame some articulations do and others don’t. At least a choice would be nice! Appreciate your response.

  • Just bought this library and I'm honestly shocked that all the articulations are not tempo synced... How are you supposed to use articulations that are not when they're playing a phrase? Very confused...