One small step...? (purge)

I absolutely love BBCSO (Core) and believe it's the best possible library to easily make a wholesome mock-up and even proper orchestral track. That's why it sort of troubles me when so many people complain about one particular thing, which is understandable, but really shouldn't be in the way of promoting this phenomenal tool: Purge unused samples!

It seems to me that Spitfire Audio should invest a moment to put this feature into the player, hopefully in a way it can be hooked up to the whole system. Especially BBCSO Pro users most certainly could use that feature very, very much. But above all it would show the kind of commitment that some people start to miss direly.

I'm just writing this here, hoping it will be read by someone, who could help bringing this to the attention of the right people, because these are troubled times and the beauty of Spitfire products shouldn't slide into the shadow of such issues. Especially when it may not be the most dramatic task to solve them. It would boost it all back up towards undeniability! That's always my sort of goal anyway.


  • In REAPER I load the template with all the plugins off line. I can activate any selected tracks’ plugins with a single shortcut key, and offload them again with a different one.

  • Guess the trouble isn't getting rid of a whole instance, but the freeing of memory for unused individual samples whilst keeping the track online. I remember my Kontakt days when this was a vital feature. However, since I only have BBCSO Core, which is truly compact for all its glory, I have not yet run into any memory issues. I'm just honestly a bit uneasy to read the ranting about these gems because of issues I can understand and that may "only" require a maintained boolean array with the option of releasing the memory of samples on false indices?! It's probably far more tricky than one may imagine, but well...

    Of course, this may appear like a solitary drop on a hot rock for some grumpy customers, but I'm sure it's a meaningful gesture with actual usage that can go a long way in boosting consumer confidence where it starts to crackle a bit.

    It's a rough road to be a developer, I should know, but it's even rougher when people just bicker elsewhere and the devs gradually become unaware of the brewing troubles.

    I'd flip out for joy, if Core did get a little update with a few more cymbal and piatti works...😁😘 🤗 ...but mostly I would want to see folks online be as thrilled about Spitfire as much as I am, hehe.