OUT NOW - Fractured Strings ❄️

OUT NOW - Fractured Strings ❄️

Award-winning composer Paul Thomson takes you to the edge of the world and beyond with Fractured Strings. Created in collaboration with Hans Zimmer’s prestigious scoring collective Bleeding Fingers Music and London’s finest string players, this small ensemble library features an eight-piece string ensemble and two soloists, brought to life in the unparalleled acoustics of AIR Lyndhurst Hall, complete with 15 signal paths.

Fractured Strings introduces an innovative approach to articulations that delivers inspirational surprises through intervallic performances and new modal colours with unparalleled depth and realism. Introducing our brand new Scale Mode technology, these sophisticated, emotive movements and textures reflect the intricacies, patterns and contrasts found in natural phenomena — as heard in BBC's Frozen Planet II

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  • Sounds great, do the samples loop to match the BPM of the project or are they static?

  • That is my question as well. After watching the video and reading the manual, there is some conflict. At one point in the manual it says that temp sync is not available at this time and then an ambiguous statement that at least some of the patches are synched to 120bpm. Which I assume means that they were recorded at 120bpm, but can we then change that....

    Not having any way to tempo sync a phrase library truly limits its utility for me.

    I hope Spitfire can clarify all this, especially since a demo download is never offered.

  • There's tempo sync in the library. I can confirm that.

  • Seems clear from the Page -


    Does the library tempo sync to my DAW?

    The following articulations will sync to your DAW's tempo: 

    • Violins Rotations
    • Violins 7th Reaches
    • Celli Rotations
    • Solo Violin Arps
    • Solo Cello Arps

    Dispersals are loose and aleatoric, so aren’t suited to tempo syncing. Statements function more naturally when not tempo synced

  • Just found an update for the library. Can we get a little note on what the Fractured Strings update 1.0.4 contains?


  • can i download the mics that i want separetly... i saw a comment that was more than a year ago from a spitfire staff saying that they are in the midst of developing a new app that would allow to do that.. i assume it all should be done but when i click to download it wants me to download the whole thing.. and i really dont wanna download 60 extra gigs worth of mics that i will never use

  • in the demos and the walkthrough all samples sound drown in superlarge reverb. Is this ajustable?