BBCSO very slow to load

Curious if anyone else has encountered this issue. I use Reaper as my main DAW but have replicated this in others: BBCSO (I'm using Core) loads its samples extremely slowly.

I'm working off an SSD. BBCSO seems to load data at a rate of around 100 MB/s, less than 10% the read speed of my SSD. I have a project which only uses BBCSO, currently on a modest 25 tracks, and the 6 GB of data takes more than a minute to load.

By comparison, other VSTi load much faster. Kontakt loads a 1 GB Spitfire library in less than a second.

I know that waiting for a couple minutes when I load a project isn't world-ending, but it's a daily annoyance when working with BBCSO. Anyone else have this issue?


  • Pretty slow here too. I’ve just lived with it. Perhaps related to the thread on inconsistencies in RAM use?

  • Really slow. Purging articulations helps, but I'd rather not do it. I just start my computer and start loading my project first thing in the morning, so when I finish preparing my breakfast, it's loaded... I had assumed it was just because the project is big, but now that I see your post, my guess is the engine needs optimization. Or maybe I have the wrong settings, because I also noticed it uses lots of virtual RAM. That is: it loads the sounds in my computer's drive. I don't thing that's how DFD is supposed to work. On the other hand, once loaded, it works very well with just 16 GB of RAM in my computer.

  • 16GB RAM here also; considering going to 32GB with my next one (which likely won't be for a few years yet). Seems "relatively" slow if I'm loading a template with all instruments, so at the moment I just pull up one of 'em, note the increasing RAM usage, and find something else to do for a moment until it's done. I've been meaning to go back and prune my template to get rid of the articulations I don't typically use to speed it up for typical projects.

    macOS 12.6, Logic Pro 10.7.4, BBCSO Core

  • Hello,

    It is indeed quite long to load a session (more than 100 tracks). The Macbook M1 16 go however tolerate them very well and do not row with use.

    The trick is to build your templates by deleting as many unused joints as possible because loading them takes time. You will see that you will gain a lot of speed!

    Spitfire's choice was therefore to offer all the game modes in their interface for each instance. they could have done the opposite and only offered one with quick access to loading the others.

    However, we are still limited on the M1 macs to the problem of the relative slowness of USB C.

  • Happy to discover I'm not alone here... pretty slow here too,

    just one patch (BBCSO PRO, Strings/Celli). 64Gb of RAM.

    I'll try deleting the unused articulations...

  • It's extremely slow for me; I'm using BBCSO Pro. And the template, even after optimizing, loads for about 20 min, if not longer, and sometimes it freezes when loading!

    I use a PC built by SCAN, which is excellent quality, super fast, and has no issues with other plugins or libraries.


    AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core Processor  3.40 GHz

    128 GB RAM

    2x SSD 980 Pro with Heatsink PCIe 4.0 M.2 2 TB

    No excuse for poor performance, as far as I can tell. :/

  • Reaper and I expect other DAW’s can load tracks with the plug-in disabled but available. I use a template where articulations are grouped so there may be 5 tracks for each string section. (Legato, longs, shorts, pizz and col leg, and fx). I only enable the plug-in for tracks with data and so I avoid loading every track with every plug-in, and avoid loading every articulation as would happen if you use a single track for each instrument with key switching.

    I upgraded to 32 gig of RAM which made a difference. I’m using “Core”