Sacconi Gliss?

Hi all, new guy to the forum.

I'm using the sacconi quartet to mock up some quartet parts, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to trigger a smooth transition between long notes.

I'm using the individual instruments, vln I, vln II, vla, and vc all on individual channels in my DAW (protools). First, I'm just trying to get this working on the first violin only, but I can't even seem to make that happen. I'm triggering the keyswitching fine, changing vibrato via the mod wheel, etc. That all seems to be working great.

But, when I have the legato articulation selected, how can I create a smooth transition between notes, as if the player changed finger position, but did not re-articulate the attack of the second note? Either just fingering the new note with a new finger, or a portamento change/slide, is ok with me, but what I don't want is the sound of a bow re-articulating the new note.

I have the notes overlapping in my DAW, but that doesn't seem to do it. (If I change the overlap length long enough, I can actually hear both notes being played simultaneously).

Any ideas?




  • Use the 'Performance' patches, and keep the velocity of the MIDI notes between 0-19. The velocity controls how the notes sound, as described in the manual, but you have to use the Performance patches for this:

    "ATTACK - your velocity (how hard you hit the keyboard) con- trols the opening attack of the phrase: vel 1-9 is smooth, then 10-127 goes through 3-4 dynamic layers of spiccato/staccato attack, with 6 RR (round robins - alternating recordings to avoid the ‘machine gun effect’ or hearing the same sample again and again!)

    SLOWER transitions - if you are playing slowly, the velocity of the note you move to in the phrase affects the type of note transition you hear: 1-19 gives you the portamento, 20-84 is the standard slurred ‘fingered’ transition, and 85-127 the bowed heavier transition.

    FASTER transitions - if you play faster, vel 1-84 gives you a slurred ‘fingered’ fast transition, while 85-127 gives you a faster fingered legato with a slight accent.

    RUN transitions - if you play very fast, you enter this mode, where vel 1-84 gives a fingered ‘runs’ style for fast realistic runs, and vel 85-127 a more accented transition."

    There is also a video demonstrating (uses Symphonic Strings but same applies with Sacconi):

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    Thanks Bruce!

    (when would I want to use the individual patches then?)