Who all uses this? I am super happy with it and have used it for several years now!

Dj Renigade



  • Love it! not used anything else mind so not sure what I'm missing but seems rich enough and very stable and of course, totally free!!

    Wish there were some more templates for it ideally

  • I use it too. Yes, pretty amazing that such a great program is free!

    I also wish there were more templates for it. Would be great to have a BBC Symphony Orchestra/Discover template for Cakewalk! Also do get a bit envious of Logic and Cubase owners who have more access to various project files shared by professionals.

    My impression is that it's not that much used by the film scoring community (?), but from what I have learned so far it seems capable enough.

  • A happy Cakewalk user here too. Been using since Sonar 2. Stuck with 8.5 Producer. Thought about jumping ship when it went bottoms up with Gibson. But now more than happy with the Bandlab supported version. I've used it extensively on video tracks for clients with no issues. Did try Studio One Artist (came free with a new interface last year). But just can't get the hang of it.

    I can be up and running in seconds in Cakewalk. And it does not interfere with the workflow. And the constant updating has been excellent. I believe someone has made a template for BBCSO/Discover as I recall seeing something to that effect on the Cakewalk forum. Forums - Cakewalk Discuss | The Official Cakewalk by BandLab Forum

  • I purchased Sonar Professional in 2017 before Roland sold to Gibson. Didn't know anything about recording in a DAW before that, other than a friend whom had a cracked version on his laptop that crashed all the time. Since I was familiar with the screen, I went with that. I didn't get started right away, maybe because of fear??? I didn't even know Gibson had killed it and it was now free through BandLab. It wasn't until November 2020, when I was planning to do some tracking at a studio in Harrisonburg Virginia that I learned the studio literally exploded due to a gas leak. Fortunately, no one was injured or killed, as it happened very early in the morning. I realized I needed to figure this DAW stuff out and started recording, researching, and learning. I also learned that BandLab archived Sonar Pro and Platinum versions which retained many extra plugins and features the free version doesn't have. There are a couple of things the free version has that Pro doesn't, but that's OK.

    Mostly, I'm just really thankful it is stable and will run all the Spitfire libraries, which I am obsessing over now...