It would be cool to know the dynamic layers and RR before buying

It's just that, that before buying it would be cool to know how many round robins and dynamics (and which dynamics layers) does each instrument have before buying, so we exactly know what we are buying. And also we would be able to programm much better knowing where starts and ends each diynamic layer.

And also I'm really curious about that, specially in each instrument in BBC SO Pro.


  • Agree, these are very important information in decision making process

  • I believe a lot of this information is advertised on the product pages... I knew that BBCSO had 3 dynamic layers and that there were up to 5 round robins on most articulations. I think they had a spreadsheet of this information somewhere, but maybe I'm mistaken?

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    @Francis specifically this info on BBC SO can be found here:

    We also commonly discuss RR and Dynamic Layers in Walkthroughs. If you need any clarification, please reach out to the support team at and we can guide you to where the information you are looking for is!