when will we see the legato for the high strings in abbey road one ...

when will we see the legato for the high strings in abbey road one ...? its been a long time since its release ??


  • Oh!I was considering buying this but wont if there's no legato!?

  • Yeah I kind of agree here. Not only with the high strings legatos which I'm sure is gonna sound amazing when they finally come out.

    But I'm really hoping for a complete and detailed library coming out next year. The sound in the AR-series is just stunning and SO inspiring to write with. But the lack of sections and a complete articulation list makes it really hard to work with. Sure, I can sketch up fast and easy but I buy these library for the players in that specific room. To be able to use these libraries in commercial releases we definitely need more than just the foundation and smaller expansions. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

    I can only imagine the freedom if we would have a BBC-like complete orchestra in AR One (with more detail, sections, soloist and more consistency and care than BBC got). It's probably on most composers wish list I would assume.

    What we got so far is like a very nice appetiser.

  • I think the final AR1 Film Scoring Selection will be released very soon, along with the new Abbey Road library... which is in three days on November 10th ;)

  • Bump. This is the only reason I haven't bought this library. I can't imagine being satisfied with it if there are no legato articulations for the violins and violas.

  • @Morgan can you please shed light on this? It's almost been 2 years since legendary low strings was released.

    From the AROOF product page:

    "Each Selections library is focussed [sic] on accomplishing certain performance elements of orchestral movie music brilliantly - from heroic brass themes, or sparkling woodwind runs, to emotional violin love scenes with a legato patch created using our new recording techniques - you can pick to create your own tailored palette".

    It would be great if we had some transparency or, even better, an ETA on this.


  • You say the "final" AR1 Film Scoring Selection? Are there a fixed number of AR1 selections planned? Or, is the AR1 range indefinitely expansive? Has Spitfire Audio announced anything in this regard?

    Although Spitfire Audio will not commit to the dates of releases, some idea of the intended scope of a range at maturity would be helpful.

  • Hello @james meyer and @Futchibon, thanks both for your questions and concerns!

    I am unaware of any future potential expansions to the Abbey Road One Series, including the Film Scoring Selections. I'm afraid I'm not able to release product information either. I apologize; I would like to be able to shed more light on this topic but I cannot at this time.

    The only thing I can tell you is that, per our video walkthrough linked below, Abbey Road Orchestra: Low Percussion is, "the first release in a new flagship series." I would stay tuned for future additions to Abbey Road Orchestra going forward.

    Feel free to throw any other questions you might have in the thread and I'll be glad to try and answer them!

  • Yes, there is only one post in the whole web that talked about it and it is from Christian Henson himself. It’s this post on Vi Control :

    We've recorded the foundation library along with 9 additional selections already.

    I’m sure this is not a typo or he would have modified it already. So ultimately there will be 9 Film Scoring Selections, the final one being the high strings if we follow the logic. Or maybe a fifth woodwinds, but please no, lol.

    Everyone is expecting high strings with one or more legato patches. My personal opinion is that there will be no 8ve and instead there will just be Ensemble legato, longs, shorts, and Solo legato, longs and shorts. Or maybe I’m wrong and it will just be crossfaded 8ves.

    It’s been recorded more than three years ago, what are you waiting for, Spitfire? The Abbey Road One’s 3 year anniversary in October 2023?