Change pc to Mac - How to Install 'bbc

Not long ago, I changed my PC to Mc. And daw also changed from 'cubase' to 'logic' and reinstalled 'bbc so'.

But that is not recognised in 'logic'

It says that the installation is complete.

However, there is no 'bbc' file in the 'au' folder.

I can't install it even if I reinstall it, so how should I do it?


  • @cpsyhg did you solve this issue? Usually this works without issues. You install using the Spitfire application and open Logic eventually shutting down your Mac first and opening it again and Logic will scan your drives and find BBCSO. The plugin should be in Macintosh HD>library>Audio>Plug-Ins>Components and is called BBC Symphony Orchestra.component

    If you open the plugin manager which is now in Logic settings since 10.7.5 you should find it as well. If not you can try to repair BBCSO in the SA App.