issue with spitfire in Reaper


(be patient please as am having to relearn lots of stuff following an infection that left a foggy memory)

I can't get Spitfire to load in Reaper. I've followed the instructions & also watched various videos etc. Even if I follow all that to the letter I get this message in Reaper;

'The following effect plug-in could not be loaded' & 'effect configuration is preserved'

any ideas, in really easy to understand language if possible. Have re-scanned vst's etc.



  • have been asking around & searching online but this is still a puzzle. I've updated Reaper, checked compatibility with my mac os, deleted & re-downloaded spitfire & the plug-in's & still get the same message. I will add that, as others have mentioned, I do also have the issue of downloads not appearing on the spitfire app screen even when they have downloaded, but even when they do show I still have the same issue trying to load them into Reaper. thanks

  • It's very strange. I use several Spitfire libraries with Reaper on my two computers. They are installed on an external disk and I have never encountered such a problem.

    The only cases where I had this type of warning from reaper was when I had not entered the ilok for plugins (not from spitfire) for example, but using the classic installations with the application spitfire, everything ended up working perfectly (I still had trouble initially understanding how to use the same shared library on the same external disk).

    Sorry for this answer which does not provide any solution. Good luck.