BBCSO Core - Horns: How to deal with different loud articulations?

The articulations of most instruments are roughly the same in terms of their loudness. Only the French Horns are an exception so far. Staccatissimo is much quieter than Long. This causes problems when mixing. Mixing horns must be dependent on the articulation used. A way to deal with it is to use one track for one articulation in the DAW (I use Presonus Studio One). However, it is a bit time-consuming when taking apart the musical notes which leads to more MIDI-files. Are there other ways to deal with it? Is this problem of different loud articulations known in other brass libraries of Spitfire Audio? Thank you for your kind help.


  • Unfortunately there are no other way to fix this problem than to use separate tracks. But if you want to get really pro, you could mix the staccatissimo and the muted version, with a bit of eq on both, to create a really agressive staccatissimo.

  • you can set the mixer parameters in the plugin and deactivate

  • GLOBAL. then you can adapt the volume of each articulation seperately. i do the same for staccato for strings which is actually much loader than the legato.

  • Good morning.

    For my part, I use separate tracks according to the articulations.

    The staccato is sometimes confusing because it is very responsive with the velocity (and the way to play on the midi keyboard). To facilitate a more homogeneous control, it may be useful to adapt the velocity mode (e.g. compressed velocity as on the screenshot:

    You can also after recording the notes, immediately retouch the velocity directly on the DAW interface (here under reaper):

    I hope this comment will be useful.