Quartettsatz - Wittenham Clumps - Revised!!

This time bounce seems OK. Pl ignore other post!!

Had fun - and some challenges😁 - using Abbey Road Two as a String Quartet. The Wittenham Clumps are quite magical hills in Oxfordshire which were painted many times by John Nash in the twentieth century. I tried to convey some of their mystery in this piece.


  • Bravo, I love it, it's really beautiful.

    A little Shostakovich side.

    At times, note endings may be slightly abrupt. But it's still very believable.

    Oh yes. The more I listen the more I appreciate.

  • Hello @Krisp Thanks so much for your kind comments. I'm glad you are enjoying the piece. Yes, Shostakovich does come to mind. I also had in mind Vaughan Williams String Quartet No 2 in A minor.

    Thanks also for the point about note endings. I can see what you mean and I might have another look at that.

    Thanks again and Best wishes