Mercury or Solar?

Am a little confused about the new product released today. On the product page and in the user manual it is called Mercury.

But the folder name created on install is "Spitfire Audio - Solar" and, more importantly, the actual plugin is named "Solar" in the list of Logic AU instruments. This is confusing as I was looking for it under M for Mercury. It doesn't actually say "Mercury" on the GUI of the instrument, it says "Solar".

It looks to me as if its name is Solar and that future instruments will share the same GUI, alongside Mercury which just happens to be the first - in the style of Abbey Road One containing multiple releases within the same plugin?

(By the way, it sounds fantastic!)


  • As I understand it, Solar is the instrument, Mercury is the content/sounds. Solar looks like new eDNA interface in standalone plugin. I expect they'll release more content for this in the future. Would be great if it was possible to import sounds from eDNA as well (e.g. from Albion Solstice).

  • I agree Tom. It just seems very strange and confusing that the instrument/product is called Mercury, but the plugin which gets installed is called Solar.

  • Whatever the name (I called it Solar), it's brilliant!