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Since we've all spent so much time at home recently - what are your favourite tips/hacks that have helped improve your recordings and/or mixes?


  • Pretty simple, having the right templates per type of song/piece you record and having a lot of workflow pre-defined in handy steps so it makes me happy I can finish about two tunes per week.

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    Following the advice of a friend I invested in a Shure SM7b microphone and an AUD Arrow interface at the beginning of lockdown. It's been the power duo needed to record sketches and work-ready content from the comfort of my bedroom!

  • To try to break my well established habit of procrastination I decided that I must (!) sit at the piano for at least 30 minutes after the kids've gone to bed. It was difficult in the beginning but now I do it every day. It's been very helpful and if I, for some reason, can't play one night I really miss it.

  • In the final stages, I do multiple passes for specific reasons now. (1st pass listen to balance; 2nd listen to placement/stereo field; 3rd listen to volume)

    I always put something down and give time for it to sit a little before I decide if I like it or not.

    EQ/Filter out the unnecessary (it's slowly helping to tune my ear and clears up headroom)

    Dedicate actual time slots to working. Don't be afraid to take coffee breaks, social chat, whatever during said time slots.

    Keep exploring your sound options in EVERY library. Ya never know what you're going to find that you forgot about.