Your favorite LABS instrument?

What's everyone's favorite LABS instrument? My favorite is Micah's Choir.


  • I use Micah's Choir. Some of the voices have a lovely timbre. It's also easy to use.

    Ensemble in strings is - useful when composing - and lightweight if you just want a touch of strings.

    Percussion is one I turn to a lot - because it has things in it that can take an age to find elsewhere. I'm getting into Drums and now Vintage Drums more and more. The quality of the sounds is vastly superior to my DAWs drums and apart from a Dhol - I avoid all the faff on a famous German company I probably can't mention and all its pre-patterning to work around. Spitfire's kit has some lovely little rolls- that along with lush toms and ride cymbals that sound like ride cymbals (and not a cat hissing) that give an edge of authenticity and a great sound.

    There are few I don't use. The Pipe Organ. And that's my fault. I wanted something that sounded the size of a mansion block installed in a cathedral.

    Labs and BBC Discovery tipped me into Spitfire. And Labs has engendered something rare in me. Brand loyalty. If there's a Spitfire product in the price ballpark, it's my first choice.

  • I think my favorite LABS is still Soft Piano.

  • soft piano is possibly the best free piano I have found!

  • DRUMS & MORE DRUMS. The stock drum kit sounds amazing. I have turned into a Drumrack in Ableton, with a different instance of the vst in 12 different pads. Changing the velocity/dynamics to give me 3 kick/snare/hats.

    Mapped to my Oxygen25 pads sending on Chl 10. For Kick & Snare I macro the global tune, ranged to +/- 5st to suitably tune the kit to your sound. Add a return track with some drum fx sauce, macro kick/snare send levels.

    Map to Oxygen Knobs. Combined with performing the beat on the pads & a few clever knob tweaks makes for huge variations in how the drums sound. Add some reverb, as another send, Macro those. More control.

    I turn Lab reverb off for each & use my own. Send too much snare but keep the kick back or dub out just the hats. More ways to dial in your own unique sounding kit.

    I could go on for ever. My midi keyboard, Oxygen25, with 8xpads/knobs is now a drum machine that i can hit & sounds amazing always. Really fucking dial in the velocity for kick to suit your own playing style. Snare also to play rolls that sound real.

    And with the keys on a different midi channel it can be your bass. Minimal set up in Ableton, 2 channels. Bass synth & a drumrack. Super simple. Save as a template. Always got drums & bass.