How do I get the ssd to work?

I've just bought for abbey road 2 on ssd because I don't have that much space on my C drive

I've plugged it into USB and followed the instructions .

My spitfire app pathway was set to C drive so I tried selecting F as that's where my computer says the ssd is . I eventually managed to locate the drives but still cubase 10 doesn't see it .

I went to vst manager and added a pathway f (which it forgot soon after) then I look at the ssd to see the light goes out after a little while .I SERIOUSLY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO !

I've tried different YouTube videos and now am so frustrated I could burn the whole thing!

Although beautifully packaged there are no instructions, would it be so hard to put a leaflet of instructions for PC and mac to show us how it's done rather than surf the Internet?

I've given up now and have to download the lot onto d drive which it says on my computer screen "1 day 21 hours til download "


  • Hannu
    edited August 2022

    You have to do this using the Spitfire Audio application, NOT from Cubase VST manager!

    Click the Abbey Road 2 library on Spitfire application. Then click on the cog wheel symbol and click ”Locate” and select the folder ABOVE the actual Abbey Road 2 folder, for instance ”Sample Libraries” of if it’s directly on the root of the drive (F:), then select the drive itself.