Hainbach Plugin Categorization in Pro Tools

Greg &
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Just purchased Hainbach Landfill Totems and spent a fun 2 hrs. exploring all of its wonderful sounds.

However I initially had trouble locating the plugin in Pro Tools because I was assuming it would appear under "Spitfire Audio" in my plugin categories. I eventually found it in the "Instruments" category in Pro Tools and then realized it was also located under a new "SA Recordings" category/folder. I suppose I now understand why it is under "SA Recordings" instead of "Spitfire Audio" after seeing on the Spitfire website that it listed in the SA Recording section of the store. However, I naturally think of Landfill Totems as a Spitfire Audio product. It would therefore make more sense to me (when I go back to find it in the future in Pro Tools) if it was categorized under "Spitfire Audio" instead of "SA Recordings" which doesn't mean much to me (and my poor memory).

So just something to consider, could you recategorize Hainbach to show up under "Spitfire Audio" instead of "SA Recordings" in the Pro Tools plugins list?


  • Hi Greg,

    Thanks for the feedback on this, it is appreciated and I do understand why this concept is confusing. Unfortunately this change won't happen as the Hainbach library is a collaboration alongside the album release that occurred on our SA Recordings label. It is therefore an SA Recordings Product and is distributed as such.

    If you have further feedback please do get in touch via support. I'd be happy to have a chat.


  • Thanks Jack, I very much appreciate your speedy reply. I understand and appreciate your response.

    Thank you for making Landfill Totems for us. I'm an engineer and spend a lot of time in the lab working with the kind of equipment that Hainbach utilized to create these sounds. Science meet art meets music... love it!

    Best regards,