Recommended Logic Settings for MacBook

Hi All!

I’m fairly new to Composing through Logic and DAW’s using VSTs, I study Composition at University and have always been more traditional (I Use Dorico as well). Anyway I got my hands on the lovely BBCSO Pro software as part of the Virtuoso bundle and I’ve run into some problems running what I assume is a pretty small session. I have 9 Instrument Tracks using a mixture of BBCSO (core as I have ordered a larger ssd for pro) and Solo Strings. I’m doing a mock-up of Barbers ‘Adagio for Strings’ and multiple times i’ve had the message “System Overload - the Audio Engine was unable to process all required Daya in time”.

Now i’m running Logic on my 2018 MacBook Pro, 2.6GHz 6 Core i7 with 16gb Ram and a 500gb SSD (additional 500gb external SSD as well).

What i’m most confused about is my I/O buffer size is already maxed out at 1024 samples. I’m still running into this issue and glitching audio type problems that feels like the software or hardware just isn’t handling this. This is a tiny session, what could be the source of the problem, any recommendations would be GREATLY appreciated. The Laptop is still fairly new and recently (last couple months) I had the battery replaced as part of the recall program where the keyboard, top case, touch bar, logic board was all replaced.

I also wanted to ask if this had anything to do with my Audio Interface, i’m using the base model USB-C 2i2 Scarlett and using some great Beyerdynamic DT770 Pros.

By any means this isn’t a ‘specced’ out MacBook but it’s a few tiers above the base models and I specifically choose it and spent the money for Media Composing and as an Investment in the future. Does this sound normal for you or is something going wrong?




  • I just wanted to clarify as well that I never have any other programs (except safari) running in the background. So nothing is being a vampire and taking away from the processing power

  • Those with more technical knowledge will no doubt help and comment but I have an iMac 2019 with 3.6GHz Quadcore i3 and 32GB memory and with larger projects I do get this problem from time to time. (my audio interface is an Audient iD14 but not sure if that makes any difference). I find I need to freeze tracks once I'm satisfied with them while I work on others. Not a very elegant solution I'm afraid but I probably need to bite the bullet and get a new Mac Studio!!

  • @KeithCocker123 Yeah, that's what I figured, a good suggestion though I can't believe freezing tracks didn't occur to me! I'm quite nervous now to run Pro BBCSO instead of Core with all the additional Mic positions. MacBook really didn't like me playing around with the Spitfire 140 track templates. Would you have any suggestions for what would be the desired upgrade?

    I'm a big fan of the MacBook Pro and the M1 Max looks pretty good but expensive.

    What specs do you think are desirable nowadays to run Logic projects with BBCSO Pro, Studio Strings, other Kontakt Libraries, and potentially a Dorico Project at the same time?

    I kind of figured 32GB Ram, M1 Max for a MacBook Pro and for a similar price you could get a 64GB, M1 Max or even the M1 Ultra.