Your experience finding Pros to Mix/Master

Greetings! Have you hired pro engineers to mix and/or master your music through platforms like SoundBetter (Spotify for Artists)? I usually work locally or with people in my own network to mix/master, but am curious to know what your experiences have been hiring pros through similar type platforms. Lukewarm? Overwhelmingly positive? Terribly negative? Thanks for any thoughts you can share 🙏


  • I have always gone through my peers to help mix and master my stuff. 8 times out of 10 it sounds better or at least different enough to let me make a conscious decision on how I want it to sound. I've used the "mastering programs" that run on like soundcloud, and those are awful.

    I imagine a service to hire someone would be nice if you don't know anyone that can do it (although building a dependable relationship would be preferred); definitely avoid applications that do it "automatically".