Mix BBC Symphony Orchestra Core

Do you have any way to remove reverb in BBC Symphony Orchestra Core?

I think that should be second, dry, close mix or new version BBC SO between BBC SO Core and Profesional

becouse BBC SO Profesional is too big for my drive in my MacBook and I don't like carry external drive


  • It is not possible to remove reverb from BBC SO Core itself*. It comes with one Jake Jackson Mix, and that's what you have to work with. BBC SO Pro comes with many more mic positions. With these it is very easy to create a mix that is much drier than the one in BBC SO Core. If you don't have enough disk space for all of BBC SO Pro, it's possible to remove the mic positions that you don't want to use to preserve disc space.

    *There are some plugins for removing reverb of a signal, such as Acon DeVerberate, Izotope RX, Zynaptiq Unveil, SPL De-Verb Plus, Sonible proximity:eq, and many more. Using these will not sound like using actual close mic recordings though. I'd avoid these plugins if at all possible. It's very limited what they can achieve, and the more you apply the more processed and unnatural the result will sound.