BBC SO Discover vs. Original Series instruments

New to Spitfire. Trying things out with Discover. Discover is obviously limited vs the pricey instruments. A big limitation is the scant articulations. Was wondering if the more affordable Original Series instruments would add more creative flexibility with any features Discover doesn’t have. 🤫

Thanks for any insight.


  • Hello @Billy86 , yes, from BBCSO Discover, the next intuitive step for a newer customer would certainly be the Originals Series. Not only are they very affordable but they offer a vast array of inspiring tools and sounds that will surely elevate your compositions!

  • Thanks @Morgan. Can you tell me what, specifically, the, say, original series Strings features are that Discover doesn't have? More articulations? More mixing options? I'm thinking along the lines of a features comparison list. Thanks very much.

  • Hello @Billy86 , With Originals Epic and Intimate Strings, yes, you do get a wider variety of articulations and there are more round robins and other features that heighten realism. Each Originals library has three mics/signals you can use to attain your preferred mix. We don't have an official comparison article I'm afraid, however, I hope the information I've provided will prove useful to you!