Articulations: a - Violins 1 (16) vs b - Violins 1 (8)


I'm sorry if I'm asking such a basic question, but why the 16 violins intruments have all few articulations compared to their relatives with only 8 violins?

For example:

  • a - Violins 1 (16) Core Techiques instrument has only 5 of the 17 articulations the b - Violins 1 (8) Core Techiques instrument's has
  • a - Violins 1 (16) Decorative Techiques instrument has only 1 of the 16 articulations the b - Violins 1 (8) Decorative Techiques instrument's has
  • and so on for all the other intruments

Did I do something wrong during the installation process? Why are the "principal" instruments all lacking sounds and articulations compared to their relative "secondary" instruments?

Thank you so much and have a nice day

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  • Steve Shaw
    edited August 2022 Answer ✓

    Hi @cdbrkn

    Studio Orchestra is recorded as a smaller ensemble with 8 First Violins, 6 2nd violins, 6 Viola, 6 celli and 4 contrabass.

    So you get the full compliment of articulations for those groups. The "doubled" size groups, 16,12,12 12 are artificial and added as an extra bonus in the pro version. The articulations for those groups is therefore restricted to just the basics.

    Of course you also get true recorded divisi sections in pro too.

    Hope that answers your question.