My first Orchestral mock up attempt BBCSO

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This is my first attempt at making an orchestral mock up.

I have done this as a purely educational experience for myself to try and understand the work of an extraordinary piece of music by a fantastic composer.

If anyone is interested, I can make the Protools session available or else the midi file.

This has been an amazing learning experience to help understand some of the orchestration decisions that a professional would make.

I definitely cut corners and it's nowhere near to the original, but I had fun trying to figure it out.

I used Spitfire Audio BBCSO entirely for the piece, except the choir, as there is no choir included as part of BBCSO.

I used Strezov Choir Essentials for the Choir.

I might try replacing it with the new Originals Choir when I get it.

Thanks if you have time to listen.

All feedback and suggestions are welcomed.